2 Corinthians 4:15 // A Uniquely Christian Approach to Thanksgiving

Moving deeper into the Thanksgiving season, our passage today will push us a step further than we usually go as we think about giving thanks. It’ll give us a uniquely Christian approach to thanksgiving and point us to the highest expression of gratitude. If you think about thanksgiving in terms of levels, there are probably …

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Giving with Gratitude

Written by Dawn Rutan In Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Matt shared the example of Rick Warren’s decision not to increase his standard of living as he started receiving significant income from his book sales. We were challenged to increase our standard of giving rather than our standard of living. This reminded me of a quote I …

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Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving_Feast.mp3 Listen on Posterous Some Thanksgiving blessings from Matthew 26:26-29: 1. Jesus comes to usThe Jews knew a fearsome, holy, powerful, transcendent God. At the last supper (and many other times), this same God ate bread and drank wine with them… Remember, God doesn’t demand that you figure out how to reach him, he comes to you in the …

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