Isaiah 1:21-31 – Our #1 Problem & the Only Solution

We pick up today in Isaiah 1:21 with a lament. Here Isaiah is stepping back, taking stock of the situation and saying, “This is terrible!” Just to warn you: there is some harsh language to begin with, but it can be explained. The Unfaithfulness of God’s People How the faithful city has become a whore, …

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Flee Idolatry

“FLEE IDOLATRY!” That is the banner over the rest of this Scripture passage. Anything that you are tempted to elevate above God Himself can be an idol – your relationship to this thing or person can become idolatry. Idolatry is to be escaped like a python on the loose. To understand what Paul is about …

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Breaking Down Idols

  Written by Dawn Rutan The messages I heard Sunday in Sunday school and in the church service have melded together in my thinking this week. In Sunday school we’ve been talking about idols, which can be anything that we allow to take priority over God, and can even include good things. And the sermon …

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