Watch Out for False Teaching

(May 1)

Do the Work!

(April 30)

Different Christians, Same Authority

(April 29)

Live By the Power of the Gospel

(April 28)

Reaping What You Sow

(April 27)

Using Your Resources to Help Other Christians

(April 26)

Doing What's Honorable

(April 24)

Are We Being Tested Today?

(April 23)

Excel at Giving

(April 22)

Finding Joy in Ministering to Others

Good Grief vs. Bad Grief

Relationships Are Worth Fighting For

(April 19)

Make Room for Other Christians

How to Get Ready to Dwell with God

What Does "Unequally Yoked" Mean?

Widen Your Heart to the World

Don't Receive God's Grace in Vain

New Life Based on the Resurrection

A Logical Response to Christ's Death

Good Friday · April 10

We Live by Faith, Pleasing God

Our Guarantee in Christ

Focusing on Eternity During COVID-19

Motivation to Minister

3 Reminders About Christianity

2 Tips & a Truth for Sharing Jesus

Freedom & Confidence in the New Covenant

Ministers of the New Covenant

God Is Sufficient

Writing People on Your Heart

3 Marks of a True Christian Minister

Clarity for Our Purpose & Decision-Making

Repentance & Restoration in the Church

When & How to Address Issues in the Church

Responding to Personal Attacks

Restoring Relationships

3 Truths About Affliction & Comfort

Suffering Makes Us Rely on God

Suffering Can Be Severe

We Go Through Suffering & Comfort Together

Suffering & Comfort Have Purpose

Great Suffering Comes with Great Comfort

10 Truths About Affliction & Comfort [Part 1]

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