Two Paths | Psalm 1

IF YOU ARE AN average adult, on any given day you make about 35,000 conscious decisions. Many of these decisions are pretty mundane, but some of them are pretty weighty. Now, you can look at this fact that you make so many decisions in any given day and think that it’s a negative thing. But …

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Created for Worship

We have been, as a church, coming before the Lord from the book of Acts. And we have been asking the question: What does it mean for Dulin’s Grove, or any local church, to be the church in 2018? Essentially, what we’re trying to do is get ourselves onto God’s interstate highway and merge into …

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Powered by God

Guest speaker Rev. Jeff Walsh What we do with success tells a lot about who we are. As a follower/disciple of Jesus Christ our deepest goal in life should be to reflect Him in our character, to be shaped by God’s Holy Spirit living within us into the image of Christ. There are a lot …

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