Why Invest in a Church Website? It Increases Giving

Church Websites Increase Giving

A church website can produce many things for your church. So far, we’ve seen that it can help to bring in new people and attract young people. The third reason why your church should invest in a website is because it potentially increases giving.

The primary giving option for most churches requires someone to attend a church service in person and drop an envelope or a check in the offering plate. While this way of giving is still effective and preferred by many people, churches should at least look to prioritize other forms of giving.

Here’s why:

It’s okay for churches to mainly have people give via checks and cash. But what if someone doesn’t have any on hand? Research shows some interesting facts:1

The truth is, a lot of people don’t normally carry cash or checks. I remember hearing a friend of mine say, “The only time I use checks is when I come to church.” And for some people, it can even be difficult for them to give to your church. This inconvenience inevitably makes giving less frequent and less sizable than what it could be.

Also, what happens when people can’t (or don’t) attend a church service? Then they probably won’t be giving either.

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This is one point that’s really been magnified during COVID-19. With stay-at-home orders and public health recommendations, many churches haven’t been able to meet for several weeks. The primary method of giving, therefore, is a complete non-factor. No one physically meeting has meant no one physically giving.

Of course, things aren’t always going to be this way. But even when life is “normal,” people don’t always attend the Sunday morning service – they may be traveling, sick or inactive members. In this case, giving options are severely limited.  

The solution to this?

Online giving.

Your church can create an online giving option to make giving more frequent and potentially more sizable. Now, I know there may be good reasons why you don’t think online giving should replace in-person giving – but I’m not going to get into all that. I’m not suggesting that churches get rid of physical giving for the sake of ease and profit. At least online giving is an important secondary giving option which becomes the primary option for those who don’t attend services or don’t carry checks.

Along these lines, here are some stats you should know:2

What does this mean? Well, it means that a lot of giving doesn’t involve an offering plate on Sunday morning. People like to give wherever and whenever they feel led or are able to give.

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To wrap things up . . .

I didn’t write this article to be some kind of get-rich-quick strategy – getting rich should never be the goal of any church. But, practically speaking, church ministries and facilities could not continue without money. Taking up collections is a good thing, and a church website can help facilitate that.

One final thought.

The title of this post explains that church websites increase giving – not income. Church income is the objective, impersonal total of individuals’ generosity. But giving is an act of worship and a discipline that should be part of every believer’s life. This is what an online giving option encourages and helps increase.

An online giving option can increase church giving by making it always available and more convenient. Once such an option is created, a church website is the best place to house it. Then, anyone at any time and in any location can give.

Thoughts? Questions? Leave a comment below.

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  2. ibid
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