6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Church Member

church member

If you are a Christian, you’re designed for a committed relationship with a church family. Joining a church will help you obey Jesus’s commands by enabling you to build deep relationships with other Christians. You will join a protective fellowship, helping your brothers and sisters stand against the
forces that pull us away from Christ. You’ll find your place in God’s great building project of the church and experience the Holy Spirit’s work in and through you. 

To lay it out plainly, there are six reasons why you should become a member of your local church:

  • Church membership helps you obey what’s in the Bible.
  • Church membership enables authentic relationships.
  • Church membership protects you from drifting away from Christ.
  • Church membership empowers pastoral ministry.
  • Church membership facilitates church growth.
  • Church membership employs the Holy Spirit.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be looking into each one of these and exploring what the Bible has to say about them. In the meantime, you might be interested in these other posts and sermons.

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