Imagine What God Could Do in 2019

Imagine what God could do among us in 2019. He can enable us to trust and follow the Risen Savior and Lord in expanding gospel influence together. Imagine Him sprinkling us throughout the greater Charlotte area to speak of Jesus in our workplaces and neighborhoods.

Imagine God guiding us as we answer the sincere questions of people considering Jesus for the first time. Every morning, imagine that He wakes us up early to pray for the unbelievers we love. Imagine arriving early at work to pray for a chance to share Christ with our coworkers. And imagine our Sunday morning prayer meetings spilling out of the Sunday school room into the sanctuary for space as we rely on God to do what only He can do: save souls.

Imagine us opening our homes for evangelistic relationship building. Imagine regular invitations into fellow church members’ homes where you meet their non-Christian friends. And imagine focusing our conversations more and more on those with whom we’re sharing the gospel. Imagine many reading books on evangelism to become better equipped to build up the body of Christ. Picture small groups forming organically in order to pursue evangelism, and Sunday services filled with testimonies of God’s saving power.

Imagine God adding to our number those who are being saved. We’d be seeing new faces. There would be new signage to ensure visitors are welcomed, informed and guided as they enter the church. We’d have socially graceful greeters welcoming people each time we gather and a reconfigured lobby in order to better facilitate hospitality and conversation. Imagine the refreshingly candid questions in Sunday school from people who are hearing the Bible for the first time. Imagine someone sitting in your seat because they didn’t know better and being overjoyed by it. Picture this: a trickle of new Christians growing into a flood, and our pews filling each week with Christians eager to trust and follow Jesus together.

Imagine our trustees having to establish a rotation to fill up the baptistry because of frequent baptisms. Or regular post-baptism-service celebrations. Imagine new believers welcomed into church membership, making a clear commitment to be part of our family. Because of so many new believers, imagine the deaconesses filling Communion trays to capacity. Imagine new directories printed yearly to include new Christians joining our church. Imagine God diversifying our church with people from every tribe, tongue and nation. There could be a network of encouragers attaching to new believers, cultivating their continued growth.

Imagine God orchestrating our efforts along with other churches. Imagine other congregations being blessed as those we’re ministering to join churches in their communities. Folks might be missing some Sundays because, instead, they’re across town attending the baptisms of those they’ve been sharing the gospel with. You could meet Christians who have been planting gospel seeds in the same hearts, though you never knew each other.

Imagine God training kids as they witness us sharing the gospel. Imagine our children’s ministry clearly and confidently letting parents know that their kids are safe in our care so they can feel comfortable to join our gatherings. What if child dedications were reinstated in prayerful hope that future generations will continue the work of making disciples of all nations?

Imagine God opening doors of evangelistic opportunity we can’t even dream of right now – passageways of ever-expanding gospel influence.

God can bring about fruitfulness like this in His church. Let’s ask Him to. Please come Sunday to pray together as we enter 2019.

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