Wisdom and Laziness | Proverbs 6:6-11

6Go to the ant, O sluggard;
consider her ways, and be wise.
7Without having any chief,
officer, or ruler,
8she prepares her bread in summer
and gathers her food in harvest.
9How long will you lie there, O sluggard?
When will you arise from your sleep?
10A little sleep, a little slumber,
a little folding of the hands to rest,
11and poverty will come upon you like a robber,
and want like an armed man. (Proverbs 6:6-11)

Ants 2Christian, when tempted to be lazy, remember the ant and be wise. Work without having to be told to work. Prepare and harvest. Because you’ve been forgiven and saved from laziness, saved for good works prepared just for you. These good works include the everyday tasks of life and the glorious work of loving God and people by making disciples of all nations.

Discussion Starters

  1. What are some ways you are tempted to be lazy? (Ex: Too much Netflix, Facebook, etc.)
  2. Read Proverbs 6:6-11 together.
  3. What advice is given?
  4. What is it about the ant that is instructive for the sluggard?
  5. What’s at stake here? What will happen if the sluggard ignores this wise advice?
  6. Have you seen these consequences in your own life? In the lives of people you know?
  7. How would you summarize this passage in one sentence?
  8. What are some practical ways you plan to implement this advice in your life?
  9. Jesus taught that all the scriptures point to him. How do these passages point to him? In other words, what is Christian about the Bible’s wisdom regarding laziness and work?
  10. Pray together.

    Additional questions if you have extra time:

  11. Break into pairs and find as many other Proverbs as you can in five minutes that have to do with sluggards, laziness and hard work. Then come back together and share your findings. (Use the concordance in the back of your Bibles for help.)
  12. What do these additional passages add to your understanding of laziness and work?

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