Applying Steadfast Love

rp_2212636564_1ceb080884_z-300x200.jpgSeveral have expressed difficulty in applying the truths we studied Sunday from Proverbs 3:3-4, specifically the steadfast love aspect of it.

So here’s another attempt. I shared during the sermon something I often say to my kids:

I often ask my kids, “Why does daddy love you? Is it because you’re smart, funny or cute? Is it because you’re a good boy? Is it because you’re a good girl?” They know the answer because we’ve gone through this so many times. “No, I love you because I’m your daddy, and that will never change.” I’m trying to teach them that I love them with steadfast love.
As Christians we can say more-or-less the same thing to anyone. Looking at your family, your coworkers, the guy in front of you in the checkout line–anyone–you can say to them in your heart, “Why do I love you? Is it because you’re so great, so lovely, so wonderful? No, I love you because I’m a Christian.”
In Christ we receive a continuous flow of undeserved steadfast love from the Father to pour out in the people around us. It’s like we entered into a covenant to love every person in our lives this way when we became Christians.
So one way to apply this specifically might be to think of the top three people you see the most, write down their names on a note card to be kept in your Bible, pray for them every day and act on any way the Holy Spirit prompts you to bless them. It might be forgiving someone. It might be sending an encouraging note. It might be supplying some material need they have. Might be a high five. Could be anything.
Let’s bind this mindset around our necks and write it on the tablet of our hearts.

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