This Sunday at Dulins Grove

Dulins Grovers – We're studying Psalm 2 during the next two services. We started it a couple of weeks ago and then stepped away for a Father's Day message. This Sunday, we're back in and I invite you to study the chapter on your own this week. It's not the easiest chapter of Scripture to understand; but there's gold bars as big as your head in there – especially in light of July 4 coming up.
Try reading it with two Qs in mind: What does this say about God? How should I relate to God in light of what this says?
While I have you, here are an additional 11 tips to help you prepare for Sunday morning:
1. Pray for God to soften our hearts to receive his word.
2. Invite a friend or family member to come along.
3. Study Psalm 2 and other associated scriptures.
4. Work hard Saturday so your mind won't be tabulating a to-do list during the service.
5. Go to bed early Saturday night so you're not one of the sleepy seven on Sunday morning (I usually catch about seven of you nodding off. You do realize I can see you out there, right?)
6. Get up and leave the house early so you're not coming in stressed and irritable.
7. Eat a good breakfast before you come so you're not distracted by the angry raccoon growling in your stomach.
8. Remind yourself before you enter the church that you're here to worship God and love others – not to be served and pampered. We're a family, not a spa. 
9. Bring something to write on. You'll listen better if you take notes. It's not being a nerd, it's caring about God's word.
10. Bring your Bible so you can follow along in the pages of scripture. It will help you get more familiar with it so you can read it better at home.
11. Go to bed Saturday night thinking about God. Meditate on his character and glory on the way to church so your singing will come from a genuine heart of worship.
Looking forward to getting together with you this Sunday (8:30am Prayer Meeting, 9am Sunday School, 10am Worship Service, 11am race against the Baptists to the Fresh House).
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