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Welcome to Dulin’s Grove Church:

We trust and follow Jesus as our Savior and Lord, and we'd love for you to join us.

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New additions to the Book Exchange Library: Confessions of a Good Christian Girl (Maltby), How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong (Vernick) and Lord, I Just Want to Be Happy (Vernick). ... See MoreSee Less

Reminder of the Men's Fellowship meeting this Saturday morning. Cooking starts at 6:30, breakfast 8:00 with devotion following ... See MoreSee Less

Recent Blog Posts

Three Sheepish Questions

Written by Dawn Rutan I had thought perhaps I would have nothing to post this week, but an impulsive decision to pick up a book from the church library changed that (and I came home with two books instead). I was thinking about what it means for us to be sheep under God’s care, and … read on

You Can’t Bootstrap Your Way Through This

Written by Rebecca Chasteen I missed last week’s Lent reflection. It was a “snow day” here and I couldn’t manage to sit and write it out. It’s been so cold and wet here. It’s sunny today – warmer, but still damp. I feel damp and soggy in my convictions lately too. Numb from the cold … read on

Begging Jesus | Mark 5:1-20

This is a bizarre passage. But let’s not dismiss it on that basis. After all, much of the Christian faith (and life itself!) can seem bizarre. And let’s not dismiss it because it may seem irrelevant (I doubt you’ve dealt with extreme demon possession this week…). Let’s look at it carefully and see what we … read on

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